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PoE 3.22 Tattoos Guides: Effects, Potential Uses, and Acquisition Methods

In Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas, the addition of tattoos has sparked both excitement and curiosity among players. In this guide, we will delve deep into the world of tattoos, exploring their effects, potential uses, and acquisition methods. Alongside fellow veteran player Ellis Shaw, we've compiled a master spreadsheet containing every tattoo and its corresponding effects, as well as provided preliminary rankings to give you an idea of their strengths. Please note that as the game is still in its early days, these rankings are subject to change.



PoE 3.22 Tattoos Guides: Effects, Potential Uses, and Acquisition Methods


Tattoos for Passive Trees

Currently, tattoos are not yet widely utilized, making them an intriguing and potentially lucrative investment. With most tattoos priced between one to five Chaos Orbs, they're remarkably affordable. Seize the opportunity to acquire potent tattoos at bargain prices before the community discovers their true value. In my current build, I'm leveraging a multitude of tattoos to enhance my passive tree. These tattoos have helped address attribute imbalances and power gaps in my character, effectively transforming problems into advantages.


Transforming Attributes

Let's discuss an example of how tattoos can be a game-changer. If, like me, you're playing a character with excessive dexterity due to unique equipment, it's likely that certain attributes, such as strength and intelligence, are lacking. This can hinder your build's performance. By utilizing tattoos, you can convert surplus attributes into bonuses that align with your build's needs. This not only solves attribute-related issues but can also lead to significant power spikes as you reallocate previously unnecessary nodes for more impactful ones.


Navigating the Tattoo Spreadsheet

Our master spreadsheet includes every tattoo in the game, along with its effects and exact names. This makes it effortless to find specific information and locate desired tattoos on trade websites. For instance, if you're intrigued by a tattoo's effect, simply copy the tattoo name, paste it into the trade search bar, and explore your options for acquiring it. The preliminary ranking system in the spreadsheet offers valuable insight into the potential worth of tattoos, particularly those obtainable through the Trial of the Ancestors reward.


Makanga Tattoo Shoes

Some tattoos have extraordinary power levels and come with special requirements known as "makanga tattoo shoes." These tattoos can significantly enhance your character, but they come with restrictions. For instance, a tattoo might demand that it is connected to only one adjacent passive skill. Understanding and navigating these requirements is vital for optimizing your character's power. Identifying the specific passive skill nodes that meet these conditions can lead to powerful combinations, allowing you to maximize the benefits of these exclusive tattoos.


The Potential of Audit Tattoos

Audit tattoos offer another layer of customization, replacing specific nodes on your passive tree. These tattoos often replace attribute nodes with valuable bonuses, making them worth considering for optimizing your build. Pay close attention to whether they replace small or big attribute nodes, as this distinction can impact the overall effectiveness of the replacement.


Exploring the Most Powerful Tattoos

Among the array of tattoos, certain standout options hold immense potential. These high-ranking tattoos, marked in green and purple on our spreadsheet, offer game-changing effects that can significantly augment your character's capabilities. From enhancing damage output with "explode" to bolstering resistances with "plus one to maximum fire resistance," these tattoos can reshape your build's dynamics. Furthermore, "plus one to projectile gems" and "coordinate recovery rate" are examples of tattoos that offer tremendous value, making them highly sought after.



In the evolving landscape of Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas, tattoos present an exciting avenue for character customization and power enhancement. While the community is still uncovering the full extent of their potential, now is the ideal time to explore these new additions and potentially secure powerful tattoos at affordable prices. Our master spreadsheet and preliminary ranking system are invaluable tools for navigating this uncharted territory. As you experiment with tattoos and discover their synergy with your build, you may find yourself wielding newfound strength and versatility on your journey through Wraeclast.

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