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Diablo 4 Guide: Efficient Leveling and Farming Strategies

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to our Diablo 4 guide! Since the game's launch, there have been numerous hotfixes and updates from Blizzard, including some nerfs to dungeons and abilities. In this article, we'll discuss the evolving farming strategies in Diablo 4 and highlight Nightmare Dungeons' potential for solo players and groups. Additionally, we'll touch upon the importance of variety in gameplay and offer insights into maximizing your farming efficiency.



Diablo 4 Guide: Efficient Leveling and Farming Strategies


Understanding the Nerfs and Changes

Blizzard has adjusted various aspects of the game, including abilities like Twisting Blades for Barbarians and the Edge Masters aspect. Additionally, certain dungeons, such as Champion's Demise, have seen their farming potential reduced. It's essential to stay informed about these changes to adapt your strategies accordingly.


Exploring Solo Farming Options

For solo players, dungeons like Blind Burrows and Ruins of Eridu have been popular choices for farming. While Blind Burrows remains a viable option, the Ruins of Eridu has become less lucrative. Although these dungeons offer efficient experience gains, the repetitive nature of farming can become monotonous.


Embracing Nightmare Dungeons

One highly effective and engaging strategy is running Nightmare Dungeons. These dungeons provide excellent experience gains, and their difficulty scales according to the dungeon tier, keeping you constantly challenged. The monsters in Nightmare Dungeons are always 54 levels higher than the tier, allowing you to choose the optimal difficulty for your character.


Benefits of Nightmare Dungeons for Solo and Group Play

Nightmare Dungeons offer advantages for both solo players and groups. Solo players can enjoy solid XP gains and substantial loot drops, while groups benefit from shared sigils and reduced travel time between dungeons. Coordinating roles within a group can further optimize efficiency.


Leveling Glyphs and Endgame Progression

Nightmare Dungeons are especially useful for levelling glyphs, an essential aspect of character progression. Levelling glyphs can be time-consuming, requiring several hundred nightmare dungeon runs. Therefore, it's advisable to focus on levelling glyphs during tier 30 to tier 59, ensuring they are adequately powered before reaching level 100.


Personal Recommendations and Preferences

While personal preferences may vary, several Nightmare Dungeons have proven efficient for levelling. Dungeons like Open Wound, Elderwood Raven, and Wilds are among the author's favourites. However, numerous other dungeons are worth exploring, depending on your playstyle and available sigils.


Balancing Level Difference and Difficulty

Maintaining an optimal level difference between your character and the monsters is crucial. Being under-levelled by three levels allows a maximum bonus of +25 XP per kill. Going significantly beyond this level difference can make combat challenging, with minimal rewards. Prioritize speed and efficiency in your runs rather than facing excessively high-level monsters.



Diablo 4 offers a wealth of farming opportunities, and while hotfixes and adjustments continue to shape the game, Nightmare Dungeons remain a reliable source of experience and loot. Balancing efficiency and enjoyment, exploring different dungeons, and optimizing your character's power are crucial to success. Keep farming, embrace the game's variety, and may luck be on your side as you venture into Diablo 4!

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