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Making Poe Currency by Crafting Valuable Medium Cluster Jewels

We will explore a quick and straightforward method to Farming currency effortlessly in Path of Exile. With a single device and minimal initial investment, you can rapidly craft medium cluster Jewels and maximize your profits. This guide aims to provide you with all the necessary steps to succeed in this strategy. So, let's dive in and start Farming Poe currency!



Making Poe Currency by Crafting Valuable Medium Cluster Jewels


Step 1: Selecting the Cluster Base

First, open Path of Exile's popular build analysis tool, Poe Ninja. Take note of the currently trending builds and choose a cluster base accordingly. This article will demonstrate the process using Chaos Damage over Time as an example.


Step 2: Determining the Required Cluster Level

Utilize the Craft of Exile website to identify the specific level required for your chosen cluster base. The ideal level for Chaos Damage over Time is 68 or higher to unlock desirable mods.


Step 3: Procuring Cluster Jewels

Next, you must acquire cluster Jewels of the appropriate level and base. You can Install Craftofexile addons, Purchase five cluster Jewels to showcase the potential profit in just one minute of clicking a button.


Step 4: Crafting the Cluster Jewels

Crafting the cluster Jewels will depend on the specific base you obtained. For Chaos Damage over Time, focus on mods related to Chaos stacking. Utilize the Harvest crafting method by using the "Reforge Chaos" option. Similarly, adjust your approach for cluster bases like Critical, Fire, Physical, and others.


Step 5: Reforging and Pricing

Click the "Reforge" button multiple times until you obtain two desired passive skills on the cluster Jewel. Once achieved, use the Awakened Poet's Pen tool to determine the potential market value of your crafted cluster Jewel. If the price is reasonable, go ahead and list it for sale. If not, continue crafting until you acquire a more valuable cluster Jewel.


Step 6: Investment and Profit Calculation

In this strategy, we invested approximately 20 Chaos Orbs for all the cluster bases and one Divine Orb for a yellow life force. This was sufficient to craft four cluster Jewels with desirable passives. The total value of these four cluster Jewels is estimated at 1.8 Exalted Orbs. With an initial investment of 1.1 Exalted Orbs, we generated 1.8 Exalted Orbs within just one minute. Feel free to repeat the process for even greater profits.



Congratulations! Following this guide taught you an efficient method to generate currency in Path of Exile. Remember to adapt the crafting process based on your specific cluster base and continuously assess the market prices using tools like Awakened Poet's Pen. You can enjoy a profitable currency printing strategy with minimal investment and a single click of a button.

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