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NBA 2K23 Tips: Street and Dunk Package Combo

In the previous chapter, we shared the Camera Angle Adjustment and Defense Tips. Today we look at the Street tips in NBA 2K23 and the Dunk Package combination. Many players like to experience 1V1 in the cube, but if they want to win the game in 1V1, they need to improve their technical level. And in the game, do you know the dunk animations such as one-handed dunk with a big windmill, 360-degree turn, and dunk? Today we will share the shot street skill and steal dunk combo Tips in NBA 2K23. I Hopefully, these 2K23 Tips will increase your proficiency in both areas.


NBA 2K23 Tips: Street and Dunk Package Combo



Many players like to come to the street here for 1V1. Is it because of mission of Timmy's fitness madness to win six games? In the 1V1 competition, skills are required. Can you win the game? Many players feel overwhelmed when they encounter these problems. Today, we are here to analyze two tips to help you achieve good results in the neighborhood.


Street Tip 1

You must install the normal 2, step back jump shot and purple Space Creator Badge. If not, the golden one is also available.


step back jump shot and purple Space Creator Badge


When you receive the ball, you speed up, run to the front right, and then suddenly push the right joystick sideways to the right for a short period. After the back animation, release the right joystick and run to the left, and then suddenly Push the right joystick to the lower left to form the rear side without turning around and scoring. This trick needs to be pressed and accelerated without releasing it.

Or you can also go inside. Suddenly throwing directly from the back side is also fine. But on a little hall of fame difficulty, no matter how far the opponent is shaken, the opponent will jump on your face. With more changes, the opponent will need help to figure out your routine easily. This trick can also be used in MC.

But if you turn on the transport from the master, there is a high probability that you will directly knock the opponent down.

Of course, you can also sit directly on the left side without changing the shape and throw directly from the back or rush in to buckle one.


Street Tip 2

We need to install a fancy dribble-back combination here - Paul George. After receiving the ball, run to the left first, then run to the left after receiving the ball, and then suddenly push forward to the right. He will do a hand-changing animation of Paul George. The moment before the completion, push the left joystick to the front right. That's it. This trick requires you to press and hold the accelerator button without releasing it.

But it is worth noting that after Paul George changes hands, follow the left stick slowly. If it is too fast, a homeopathic animation will appear. This animation could be better. It will drop adrenaline.


Do you yearn for these gorgeous dunk actions? One-handed windmill dunk, 360-degree turning dunk, 2K23 has been enhanced due to the end of this year, so this year's NBA 2K23 dunk can achieve more cool animations than the previous generation. Today we will share the practical and gorgeous dunk package combination and dunk method in NBA 2K23, so you can complete more gorgeous dunk animations.


Basic Dunk Method


Dunk Controls Operation Diagram


First of all, new players must master the basic dunk method. After breaking through, you must hold down the acceleration button to dunk.

Push the right joystick to the right and dunk with the right hand so that it is not easy to have interfered. But if you're completely out of the defense and have a defense on the right side, you can push the right stick to the left and dunk with your left hand.

When you are being chased very tightly, you can push the right joystick upwards so that most of the time, you can dunk with both hands to avoid the opponent's block.

When you break through the bottom line, for example, pushing the right joystick to the right will trigger a bottom-line backhand dunk.

Next is the biggest change in this generation. If you install the windmill dunk bag, push the right joystick down after breaking through, and then push it up immediately, there is a high probability of a windmill dunk.

Of course, if you are pretending to be a 360-degree dunk, it is also possible, but the take-off point is closer to the basket, and then after you break through, push the right joystick up and then push down, which is the dunk.

So here comes the problem, with so many dunk methods, more than one dunk bag is needed.



Dunk Package Combo

Clyde Drexler + Tracy McGrady + Bottom Line Stretching Dunk (choose one first) + One-handed windmill dunk, this = is the easiest to trigger among all windmills. The other three (turning windmill dunk, tilting big Windmill dunk, front big windmill dunk) do not need to be installed. Even if it is installed, it may be covered + basic 360-degree dunk (this trigger is not a lot, but it is not expensive)


The above is street tips and the combination of these dunk bags. Pay attention. More practice can better complete these dunk animations.

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