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A practical guide to tips about passing in NBA 2K23

In the NBA 2K23 game, have you ever been intercepted by your opponent, and the chance of offensive and defensive transition was missed due to the inappropriate pass, and you don't know how to make a fancy pass? Don't worry about that. This article will explore NBA 2K23 tips and details about fast passes, long passes, designated passes, fancy passes, and lob. Keeping these key things in mind will help you become a master passer. A must-see for newcomers, Veterans to check for leaks and fill vacancies.


A practical guide to tips about passing in NBA 2K23




Everyone should know the buttons on the handle for the ordinary pass, ground pass, and lob pass, but there are a few practical usages.

  • Normal Pass - A
  • Ground Pass - B
  • Lob Pass - Y



Fast Pass The Ball

NBA 2K23 Fast Pass The Ball


A teammate passes the ball to you, and before the ball reaches your hands, you click the normal pass (A), and it will be passed in seconds after receiving the ball. This animation is fast, and if you use it well, it will show you have the big picture.



Long Pass The Ball

NBA 2K23 Long Pass The Ball


When you grab the rear-view rebound, press and hold the normal pass (A) directly, and a long pass will be formed. This is useless in the MC but creates instant breakout opportunities on the block.



Designated Pass The Ball

NBA 2K23 Designated Pass The Ball


The specified pass can also be passed long. The same is for grabbing the back long rebound, clicking the RB button on the handle, and then quickly clicking the LB button. It will be passed to the teammate closest to the basket by default. Note that the long pass paired with the Beak Starter Badge is very useful on the block.


The designated mission can also be accurately passed to any teammate you want to pass. You need to press the RB button, and the handle icon will appear on the teammate's head, and you just need to click the corresponding handle button to pass it on to whomever you want.



Fancy Pass The Ball

NBA 2K23 Fancy Pass The Ball


A fancy pass is a double-tap ground pass (B) while you're on the move. If you stand still and double-tap to pass the ball (B), sometimes the fancy pass animation doesn't need to be fixed.


Then some players will ask, how to do the fancy assists in the mission of the deadly enemy? It's very simple, you need to turn the difficulty to the lowest level, move in any direction when the shot clock is about to run out, and then send a fancy pass, and your teammates will score.


Of course, the most reasonable application scenario for the fancy pass is the moment when the frontcourt counterattack transitions and the direct fancy pass. This animation is much faster than a normal pass and can immediately create scoring opportunities for teammates.




How is it called Alley-Oop in the first place? When the opponent scores a goal, pay attention to the position of your teammate who serves the baseline ball. If he is on the left, you immediately go to the left flank. Because if he finishes serving the ball on the left, he usually goes straight to the right flank. 

NBA 2K23 Alley Oop Picture 1

NBA 2K23 Alley Oop Picture 2

NBA 2K23 Alley Oop Picture 3

NBA 2K23 Alley Oop Picture 4


At this time, you only have one teammate on the left side, press the LB button, and an off-ball screen will appear, then make a detour and double-click the high-profile pass (Y), and the teammate will pass you an Alley-Oop.



How to give an alley-oop to a teammate in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 give an alley-oop to a teammate


Press the LB button to appear a pick-and-roll, then rush in directly, and the teammates will automatically go down. When you determine that the front of his path is empty and double-click the high-profile pass (Y), it is an alley-oop.


At the earliest, sometimes there will be quite explosive lobs. This is the new animation of the latest generation of NBA 2K23.



How to complete the alley-oop and dunk by yourself in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 complete the alley-oop and dunk by yourself


This situation is inevitable. When you form a counterattack after stealing in the frontcourt, and there is no one in front of you, you probably double-click the high-profile pass (Y) on the backboard near the free-throw line, which is a self-throwing and self-dunk.



Passing is one of the very important aspects of the game in NBA 2K23. The above are the details and tips about passing in NBA 2K23. It would help if you kept these things in mind.


  • 1. Always be aware of your surroundings and who is open.
  • 2. Ensure you have a good grip on the ball and use the correct passing technique for the situation.
  • 3. Give the ball some spin to ensure it reaches the target.


Note: Practice makes perfect, and constant practice will help you get better and better every game, so be sure to practice more outside the game.


If you can follow the tips and details and master the passing skills in NBA 2K23, I believe you can improve your game experience in the game, win more victories and NBA2K MT coins, so as to strengthen the team and dominate the overall situation!

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