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Best Team Team Recommendations in NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season 2 Week 5

Hey everyone! It's time for another edition of the Best Teams for NBA 2K23 MyTEAM! We're looking at the Season 2 Week 5 exclusive roster this week. As always, we'll be looking at each player's overall rating and specific contributions in terms of shooting, rebounding, and defense. We'll also look at how well they fit with current MyTEAM metadata. In addition, some players do not need to spend NBA 2K23 MT, they can get it by completing any challenges. Without further ado, here are the best lineups for NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Limited Season Week 2-5!



Play [Outside Scoring, Inside Scoring, Defending, Athleticism, Playmaking, Playmaking]


This roster is filled with superstar talent that will help you overcome your opponents. Dennis Smith and Kelly Oubre JR. will provide great scoring and playmaking, while Tim Thomas and Anthony Davis will give you plenty of athleticism and great reel play. Donyell Marshall can also score at will as a defensive anchor. With this roster, you'll have the perfect mix of shooting, athleticism, and defense. [3 points percentage lineup team].


PG: Dennis Smith JR. 

NBA 2K23 Season 2 5 Weekly - Dennis Smith JR.

Dennis Smith is a player full of talent. When the Knicks skipped him and chose other players, James said that the Knicks made a stupid mistake. If you want to say how good Dennis Smith is, it is mainly reflected in his dynamic talent. His static talent is very poor. His wingspan needs to be more, even if he is a No. 1 player.


The degree of physical fitness is more than that of Ross. There were indeed a lot of caps or strikes in the game. Because he is the kind of one-on-one player, he feels that my physical talent is the best in the world and everyone is trash in front of me. When I meet a superstar, I have a completely contemptuous attitude, which is too bad. Every goal is very relaxed. Look down on the opponent's attitude. Many players hate him, but his physical fitness is really good. He is lightweight. Westbrook can fly and dunk better than Westbrook. But because he is light and has poor confrontation, he will die if the opponent targets him a little bit. But looking at his collection of talented balls, one step, and direct ultra-long flying dunks after playing, it is completely like playing 2k. If you can dunk, you will never layup. If you can play a tomahawk, you will never dunk an ordinary dunk. If you can do a 360, you will never do a tomahawk. 


As expected, Smith will miss Friday's game in Cleveland with a sprained left ankle after being listed as questionable. Smith's next chance to play will be against Washington on Sunday. Considering LaMelo Ball (ankle) is also out, Terry Rozier, James Bouknight, and Theo Maledon should have plenty of running opportunities.


SG: Kelly Oubre JR. 

NBA 2K23 Season 2 5 Weekly - Kelly Oubre JR.

Kelly is the kind of player that NBA teams want. He is very talented and can be the shining one on the team in many cases. Of course, he is also a very good teammate. Kelly Oubre is a player with the attributes of a typical swingman, with a relatively balanced offense and defense. He is defined as having "perfect physical condition" in the rookie evaluation report. Oubre's NBA development template is Kendall Gill, who once became the league's steals leader in the season.


Oubre took 8 shots in the first quarter, hit 6 three-pointers, and grabbed 4 rebounds simultaneously. It was only Oubre's second double-double of the season, but he also has eight steals in his past two games. He finished the first half with eight rebounds, his second-highest total of the season, and 13 points on 6-of-13 shooting. 


SF: Donyell Marshall

NBA 2K23 Season 2 5 Weekly - Donyell Marshall

It looks like Marshall's first year with the Sixers will also be his last with them. He was brought into the team as an active veteran for all their young talent. General manager Stefanksi praised Marshall's contributions but said the team wanted to go in a different direction this year. Marshall could join another team, but his days as a fantasy contributor may be numbered.


Marshall was brought in to provide the veteran's leadership and outside shooting ability. He's a career 35 percent three-point shooter, a creative rebounder, and a consummate pro. Marshall will sit on the bench most of the time while the Sixers rely on their guards to knock down three.


PF: Tim Thomas

NBA 2K23 Season 2 5 Weekly - Tim Thomas

Thomas will take time off this season to stay with his ailing wife, but it sounds like he hopes to return to the court at some point when her health improves. Kobe has become one of the top 10 superstars in the NBA, and his career is also brilliant enough. He also left a very deep impression on everyone in high school. However, at the same age, there is also a player who has brought an impressive game to everyone and is even considered to be better than Kobe, and that is Tim Thomas. He averaged 25.3+14.5 per game when he was in senior 4. Even when facing the later All-Star player O'Neal, he would blow the opponent away. But I didn't expect that he would be completely unadapted after entering the NBA, and there was no way to compare him with Kobe.


Thomas has a lot of problems, such as poor offensive selection, poor defense, and many passing mistakes, etc., but you can't say that he is good, he has strength, and there is two quasi lore this season. You must pay attention to it, and the CIC is still quite stable in the top ten in the league, which is very good for a first-year rookie.


Thomas was originally a second-round rookie, not very talented. Coupled with lack of experience, too little game experience, often making mistakes made by rookies, lack of golf quotient, etc., we can't use the requirements of requiring the No. 2 pick He, let's look at him later. He is still very young and has a long way to go. He is a rookie. If you don't practice him in the regular season, why don't you come to practice in the playoffs? Nash certainly wouldn't do that, and we shouldn't blame Thomas too much and be too harsh on him.


C: Anthony Davis

NBA 2K23 Season 2 5 Weekly - Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is too important to the Lakers. He is a pillar of the inside and has to attack and defend. You may even worry about him getting injured. Davis still looks a bit fat, and his touch is far from what he won in the championship season. The three-pointer is even more dependent on the sky, and Davis is still a big killer inside.


Davis is a player with the body of a power forward, a center's wingspan, and a guard's skills! His defensive ability and rebounding ability relying on both arms are the top players of this era, but if he were put ten years ago, he might also be an All-Star player, but he would not be at the MVP level now! Davis's offense still relies mainly on mid-range jumpers. He was a point guard before high school, and then he suddenly grew taller. His shooting and dribbling are top-notch inside, second only to Griffin. Davis has no obvious shortcomings after gaining weight this year but compared to Hall of Fame-level insiders like Gasol, Duncan, Garnett, and Nowitzki. He needs the stability to attract double teams in singles! His scoring is still catching and shooting, and his assist efficiency is relatively high, a bit similar to Stoudemire, but his body is not so overwhelming! If the shooting continues to be abnormal or the footsteps behind the basket are developed, Davis is also a Hall of Fame star. After all, Brother Nongmei is still young and a top insider in the current era of withering insiders!


Davis is expected to take on a healthy workload as LeBron James (thigh) will miss his third straight game. Assuming Davis avoids setbacks, he'll put a lot of energy into both ends of the floor. Trading Davis would mean the project collapsed, and the Lakers would have to complete a rebuild, but there are more realistic possibilities. Davis continued his prolific form, averaging 23.0 points, 10.2 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 1.9 blocks, and 1.4 steals in 10 games, all as a starter.

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