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NBA 2K23 Trophy Case Reward Galaxy Opal Player Cards in Season 2

The start of a new season in NBA 2K23 means new rewards are to be earned. One of the most sought-after rewards in the game is the Galaxy Opal player card. This card can be achieved by completing specific tasks and objectives in the game. This blog post will look at how you can Earn the Galaxy Opal player card By NBA 2K23 MT in Season 2. We will also provide tips and tricks to complete the objectives needed to reach this coveted prize.


Name Type POS OVR OFF DEF Bronze Silver Gold Hof
Patrick Ewing Galaxy Opal C 97 97 97 0 1 12 15
Jimmy Butler Galaxy Opal SF/SG 97 92 99 2 1 17 15
Gilbert Arenas Galaxy Opal PG/SG 97 99 92 0 4 18 15
Clyde Drexler Galaxy Opal SG/SF 97 99 91 1 4 16 15
Chris Paul Galaxy Opal PG/SG 97 99 97 1 0 28 15
Anthony Davis Galaxy Opal PG/SG 97 96 99 0 1 19 15


NBA 2K23 Trophy Case Reward Galaxy Opal Player Cards in Season 2


What is the NBA 2K Trophy Case?
The NBA 2K Trophy Case is a special reward that can be earned by NBA 2K23 Player Cards who complete specific tasks in the game. The Trophy Case can be opened by any player who has made it, and it contains a selection of Galaxy Opal Player Cards. Players can earn the NBA 2K Trophy Case by completing several different tasks, including winning the NBA Championship, being named MVP of the NBA Finals, or being named an All-Star. The Trophy Case will also be awarded to players who achieve certain milestones in their career, such as reaching 10,000 career points or winning 100 games.
Once players have earned the NBA 2K Trophy Case, they can open it up and claim their rewards. The rewards inside the Trophy Case include Galaxy Opal Player Cards, some of the rarest and most valuable cards in NBA 2K21. These cards can be used to upgrade players on your team or traded for other valuable items in the game. Getting your hands on a Galaxy Opal Player Card is a surefire way to take your game to the next level.

Galaxy Opal Patrick Ewing - 97 OVR

As the season closes, many Trophy Case owners wonder what their final rewards will be. One of the most popular items up for grabs is the NBA 2K23 Galaxy Opal Patrick Ewing card. This ultra-rare card is only available to those who have reached the top of the leaderboard, and it features Ewing in his iconic Knicks uniform.

Galaxy Opal Jimmy Butler - 97 OVR

Jimmy Butler is the latest NBA player to receive the coveted Galaxy Opal treatment in NBA 2K23. The 97 OVR card is available as a reward for completing the season-long NBA 2K Trophy Case event.
With his 97 OVR rating, Butler is tied with James and Durant for the second-highest-rated Galaxy Opal card in NBA 2K23. Only Bryant, with his 98 OVR rating, is higher.
There's no doubt that Butler has earned his place among the elite players in NBA 2K23 with his 97 OVR Galaxy Opal card.

Galaxy Opal Gilbert Arenas - 97 OVR

As the NBA's regular season closes, 2K is celebrating by giving players a chance to earn a galaxy opal player card for Gilbert Arenas. The catch? You'll need to have played all 82 games to qualify.
If you're up for the challenge, you can start working towards your goal by completing daily and weekly challenges in MyTEAM. Once you've earned enough points, you'll be able to redeem them for a chance at pulling Arenas from a special pack.

Galaxy Opal Clyde Drexler - 97 OVR

In NBA 2K23, the Galaxy Opal Clyde Drexler was available as a trophy case reward for those who completed all of the season's challenges. In NBA 2K22, the Galaxy Opal Clyde Drexler is 97 overall and can only be obtained by completing all season challenges. The Galaxy Opal Clyde Drexler has a hall of fame-level shooting, playmaking, and rebounding abilities. With his 97 overall ratings, the Galaxy Opal Clyde Drexler is among the best small forwards in the NBA 2K23.

Galaxy Opal Chris Paul - 97 OVR

Chris Paul is one of the best point guards in the NBA, and he's been rewarded with a Galaxy Opal card in NBA 2K23. This card has a 97 Overall rating, making him one of the best players in the game.
Paul is known for his exceptional playmaking abilities, and that's reflected in his stats on this card. He has 99 Passing & Ball Handling and 98 Shooting & Free Throw. These make him an excellent player on your team, whether you're running an offense or looking to get some points on the board.
If you're looking for a versatile point guard who can contribute on both offense and defense, then Chris Paul is the perfect player for you. His Galaxy Opal card is one of the best in NBA 2K23, and it's sure to help you win plenty of games.

Galaxy Opal Anthony Davis - 97 OVR

As the centerpiece of the Lakers' stifling defense, Anthony Davis is one of the most impactful players in the league. His 97 Overall rating in NBA 2K23 reflects his all-around dominance on both ends of the floor.
On offense, Davis is a nightmare for opposing defenses. He can score from anywhere on the court, and his world-class athleticism allows him to finish above the rim quickly. His shooting has improved tremendously over the past few years, making him a tough cover for even the best defenders in the league.
Defensively, Davis is a game-changer. His size, strength, and quickness make it nearly impossible for opponents to score inside when he's on the court. His presence alone makes opponents think twice before driving to the hoop.

In Conclusion
NBA 2K Trophy Case Reward Galaxy Opal Player Cards are a great way to get your hands on some of the best players in the game. If you want to add one of these cards to your collection, check out our Season mode and complete the set!

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